How GuildFi is Embracing of the Metaverse: Creating an Ecosystem of Games

How GuildFi is Embracing of the Metaverse: Creating an Ecosystem of Games

How GuildFi is Embracing the Metaverse: Creating an Interconnected Ecosystem of Games

Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta to reflect the company’s vision and move the company to the next stage, the word “Metaverse” has been on everyone’s mind. However, as seen in the world of GameFi or NFT games, the current version of the metaverse is still very much fragmented. This is due to the lack of interoperability between them.

For example, if someone plays Axie Infinity for a while, they will have some XPs and in-game items stored in there. The inconvenient thing is that they can’t transfer them to a new game. This means they will have to start building up your XP again. So, how can GuildFi solve this problem? The answer is GuildFi ID.

What is GuilFi ID?

GuildFi ID is like a passport that connects NFT games together. Anyone can sign up for one using their email address. Then, GuildFi ID will collect gameplay data from all the games that are connected to GuildFi and use that data to generate GXP in its own Proof-of-Play system. And just like that, gamers can track their performance across the metaverse and their achievements are no longer discarded when they start a new game.

What is GXP?

GXP is the experience point (XP) in GuildFi’s Proof of Play system. Gamers can accumulate GXP by playing games and participating in the platform's events and activities. Then, they can use GXP to claim rewards in GuildFi and it also contributes to a ranking system that determines the players' ranks.

Gamers can earn GXP by playing games that are connected to GuildFi, completing quests, being part of a scholarship to receive funds or items for gameplay. They can also earn GXP from using the platform’s features like account management and gaming tools. For most activities, GXP will accumulate automatically but gamers can earn extra GXP from doing additional quests apart from the daily ones.

What can people use GXP for?

Gamers can use their GXP to claim rewards and benefits such as GuildFi Token (GF), early access to new games, and NFT airdrop from a Metadrop launchpad campaign that will allocate  NFTs and tokens to players depending on their ranking on GuildFi.


GuildFi’s goal is to elevate NFT gamers’ experience by creating an ecosystem that connects the metaverse of various games together. Using GuildFi ID, the platform can track engagement and gameplay data across connected games. GuildFi is hoping that this data will turn into one single source of truth so that gamers won’t have their achievements limited to one game or guild, enabling them to maximize their benefits in the long run.


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