Mainnet vs. Testnet

Mainnet vs. Testnet

What's the difference between Mainnets and Testnets?

Today we’ll be taking a brief look into the overviews of both Mainnets and Testnets to fully understand their functions and purpose within their respective blockchain networks. This piece is aimed to help readers develop a better understanding of the information behind blockchain systems and the digital assets that function upon them.


Mainnets are essentially the primary networks or final steps that development teams use to implement new systematic changes for pragmatic use on the blockchain network. Mainnets are often utilized to ensure stability and effectiveness of system functions that can guarantee the exchange of value, much like product testing before actual sales. 


Testnets are networks that are used for testing new systematic functions before entering the real blockchain system. In comparison, they are much like prototype models of various products. Testnets are useful for analyzing the overall functioning of systems to single out any faultiness found within the programming which can send ripples of harmful effects if released onto the real network. Testnets are often repeatedly revised before launch.

Mainnet vs. Testnet How's the difference?

Testnets are aimed towards the use for experimentation of a network’s functions and whether or not they’d operate correctly.

In contrast, mainnets are comparable to version upgrades that have been successfully examined, meaning their use is ensured to be stable and effective, while also able to support the exchange of value within the real network.

Undeniably, both share the similarity of being necessary for the use of blockchain networks. Without testnets’ use of testing and full-proofing operations’ faultiness, mainnets would not be able to even function.

For example, Ethereum is a Mainnet, whereas Görli, Kovan, Rinkeby, and Ropsten are all testnet networks that are created with identical features as Ethereum for the use of testing new functions and features before pragmatic use on Ethereum.


Both mainnets and testnets are designed to function differently but are both still aimed to help develop and progress the functionalities of blockchain networks to a higher level to further enhance effectiveness and draw in users/investors.

With stable and continuous development on blockchain networks, credibility would soon follow for not only the network but also for the development teams that can later affect the increase in the respective digital asset’s value.


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