Morning Moon Village vs. Other Farming Games

Morning Moon Village vs. Other Farming Games

What's the difference between Morning Moon Village and other farming games on the market?

Many people have experienced playing farming games in their lives. This is the type of game that has been available since the time when Game Boy or PlayStation 1 was popular. During that time, one of the most popular games is Harvest Moon, a farming game that many people love. The most recent farming game which gained popularity is Stardew Valley.

As of recently, the merge between the world of gaming and financial investments using blockchain technology has been gaining popularity. Other than having fun in playing the game, players are also able to receive real financial rewards. Developers are also able to use blockchain technology as the main infrastructure for the game itself, which gives transparency to the game.

Today, we would like to introduce one of the most recent farming games developed by Thai people, Morning Moon Village. Let's take a look at the difference between traditional farming games and farming games built on blockchain technology like Morning Moon Village.

What is Morning Moon Village?

Morning Moon Village is a farming game that grows virtual vegetables and fruits where players will also have to maintain the amount of resources they have to keep playing, which was integrated with a rewarding system from increasing liquidity (Yield Farming) on a decentralized financial system implemented into the game. Players will then buy seeds to grow crops in the game. Once their crops have grown and harvested, players will be able to sell their crops in exchange for LUMI, a cryptocurrency that could be used for other purposes as well.

Morning Moon Village could be seen as a regular farming game from a certain perspective, but in reality, it is a farming game that operates on blockchain technology. Players are able to receive remuneration from playing this game and even use the rewards earned in real life. Additionally, this game is very secured and can’t be manipulated, because all of its information is stored in the blockchain.

Within the game there are also certain items and equipment in the form of NFT, or Non-Fungible Token. Players are able to sell these items and equipment within the game’s marketplace as well. Players can adventure into forests to find those items or even important equipment that is required to advance in the game such as minerals, lumber, and other products from harvesting, which could also give the players certain rewards as NFTs.

Playing Morning Moon Village, players are not required to download the game itself, because they can play the game through their web browser on their phone or computer. Players are also not required to to deposit an initial amount to play the game.

What are other Farming Games like?

Other farming games have a variety of gameplays, where each and every one of them has a unique point that could attract certain types of players. Some even feature certain elements from other gaming genres such as PVP to receive item rewards.

In certain farming games, players are able to exchange items with other players as well, if it is an online game. In traditional offline games, items that were sold would go to the system, which is also known as the NPC within the game, in exchange for in-game currency. In certain offline farming games, players are able to sell their items to other players, where they would have to pay a certain fee with in-game currency to be able to make the trade. This was featured in a game called Hayday.

In traditional online farming games, items are stored as information on the game provider’s server. In the case of offline games, all of the game’s information is stored in the player’s device or gaming console. Both of these information storing methods are vulnerable to malicious attacks and game hacking.

Difference Between Morning Moon Village and Other Farming Games

Morning Moon Village was created based on blockchain technology, by integrating DeFi concepts, Yield Farming, and NFTs into the game’s infrastructure. This allows players to receive remuneration for playing the game as well. This also makes the game more transparent, where players wouldn’t feel like they’ve been cheated. By implementing blockchain technology, the game also becomes more secure from malicious attacks and hacking.

Traditional farming games were created with the main intention of entertaining players without providing them with any financial remuneration. They weren’t created on blockchain technology, which means that the game can be manipulated according to the developers’ wishes. Additionally, traditional farming games don't have the features that allow players to buy and sell items with other players through a marketplace.


If you like farming games, Morning Moon Village is definitely a game that would capture your interest due to the new features of the game that were never implemented in any other farming games before. It was built on blockchain technology itself, which enables the game to have many new features that could even reward you with items and equipment which could be sold, where the remuneration could be used in the real world as well. Morning Moon Village is surely one of the greatest innovations regarding gaming technology and blockchain.


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