Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Reasons to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Why you should invest in Cryptocurrency.

Investing in cryptocurrency has indeed become a widely debated topic, one in which not a large amount of people has developed an understanding. Many are still unaware of the step into a newly globalized world, a digital era, we are arriving in. Holding various assets in a digital form can be the key to unlocking doors and advancing in the new age. This article will dive deep into the world of cryptocurrency, while also aiding the decision-making process investors may face with adequate information.

Freedom of investment

The essence and differentiation of digital assets from any other form of investment is the underlying blockchain technology, allowing decentralized transactions without the need for any central authority eating away expensive fees.

With the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic as well as frequent fluctuations in the stock market, and influential movements of dominating countries as a result, holding assets in such fields of investment may not be suitable for the upcoming decade.

Credible blockchain network

Undeniably, investment is saturated with risks, some depending on the situation at hand. A commonly found form of risk is scams and security breaches. However, on the blockchain system, such dangers are eliminated entirely by the mechanisms behind the creation of blocks, which store transaction information in a connected chain. It is immutable, meaning that it cannot be changed. If any portion of information were to be changed, the entirety of the blockchain would also need to be updated, which is nearly impossible to achieve.

For this reason, the blockchain network has become a credibly secure system that provides transparency for users to see and examine others’ transactions under various hashed usernames, providing anonymity. Additionally, other users’ balance and traded amounts can also be observed.


If you are able to access the internet, you also can access the trade of cryptocurrency. When one is also able to develop a deep understanding of the field of investment, they would also be able to start their decision-making process when trading. Investment in cryptocurrency can start here at Bitkub, a platform facilitating convenient and secure transactions with credibility and regulation!

Long term stability

Investment in cryptocurrency does indeed require consistent monitoring of every movement and direction the market takes as prices can be influenced by numerous factors, such as the support of large financial institutions, presidential elections and such.

In the long-term projection, holding assets can be a stable and sustainable financial plan, especially since digital assets have recently begun to progress further into the mainstream financial system, making it highly suitable for being an alternative investment method for the future.


Understandably, some investors may still be concerned over the high volatility of the crypto market and assets they are holding, such as Bitcoin Ethereum or XRP. As a more suitable means of investment, investors are also able to indulge in stablecoins, altcoins with stable price changes due to their peg to fiat currencies or various commodities. However, profit margins may differ from other digital assets because of this, but can provide safe investment nonetheless.

Payment method

There are currently a great number of firms and institutions in the financial sector that have started projects and initiatives to provide cryptocurrency as payment for customers. This support has provided a large push for cryptocurrency’s progression, while also answering various queries regarding its real use case. Currently, firms such as Paypal, Square and MicroStrategy have led the movement in providing cryptocurrency’s real world use case.


In total, investing in cryptocurrency has shown to be the first step into the digital disruption age for investors new to the field. With it being on the blockchain network, cryptocurrency is decentralized, rid of a central authority and highly secure. The innovation has also induced wide acceptance and adoption from various financial institutions, like Paypal or Square, meaning the future is certainly bright for cryptocurrency’s advancement into being an important gear in the world’s economy.


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