What are Cookies?

What are Cookies?

What exactly are Cookies?

Cookies are small files kept on browsers of service providers or computer hard drives and mobile devices for the purpose of information storage and settings amplification.

When visiting a website, certain pieces of information are stored by service providers, such as email addresses or phone numbers, in order to further analyze and improve their service as well as provide a better user experience.

The Purpose of Cookies

Cookies are aimed to provide better user experience on internet platforms, as well as provide convenience. Useful pieces of information are recorded for future revisits that would not require users to refill in their information.

An example would be on online shopping platforms, wherein items placed in baskets would stay put if cookies are intact. The same can be applied to various forms as well. The most common form of cookie usage can be found on websites when logging in, which does not require users to refill their addresses or passwords.

Types of Cookies

First-Party Cookies - information that is kept directly on websites and not used in any other way or place.

Third-Party Cookies - cookies that connect to other related websites and platforms through the sharing of cookies.

Session Cookies - temporary cookies that disappear after closing the browser, meaning browsers won’t store these cookies. This variation helps track users’ activities for convenience in future sessions, items in online shopping baskets are an exemplification.

Zombie Cookies - cookies that can be re-generated after disposal, serving as information reserves outside of browsers in the forms of files, photos, etc.

Secure Cookies - a form of cookies displayed on websites with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) protocol, making users at ease and allowing safe connections with security of information as well.

Cookie storage duration

There are two variations of cookies that are stored.

Session Cookies - deleted automatically after a browser is closed or when a website is visited after a certain period of time.

Persistent Cookies - cookies that stay on computers and other devices even after closing browsers and disappear when it is deleted or expires.

Dangers of cookies

Due to the fact that they store information, if stolen and shared to unwanted platforms, a user’s account would be prone to security breaches and hacks, especially if the information leaked is personal or takes regard to financial activities.

On a lesser level, cookies take up space on a device, therefore for security and space, unnecessary cookies can be checked or cleared.


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